This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.

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Bulletins for 2014

Lecture, NY Party, IFAS, ISS, Xmas @ AP & BCO, Rosetta, Geminids, Scopes 4 loan-Issued 2014 December 17th
Lecture, possible aurora, IFAS, ISS, Geminids, Xmas @AP & BCO, Rosetta, more-Issued 2014 December 2nd
Sl. Gullion event, Lecture, Dinner, ISS, Obs at DCP, Xmas Events, Philae, Books-Issued 2014 November 30th
IAA Dinner, Lecture, Sl Gullion event, ISS, DCP, Rosetta, Xmas at AP, Faroes TSE-Issued 2014 November 26th
Lecture, Subs, Dinner, Virgin Crash, ISS, Observing, Rosetta, Sl. Gullion event-Issued 2014 November 15th
Lectures, Spaceship 2 latest, Science week, Rosetta, Dr Who at A/P, IAA Dinner-Issued 2014 November 4th
Spaceship 2 crash, Lecture, Science week, Dias talk, IAA Dinner, Sl Gullion sky-Issued 2014 October 31st
Breaking News: Dark Matter detected?-Issued 2014 October 18th
Lecture, Sunspot, ISS, Meteors, Galileo, PSE, AP event, Science week, IAA Dinner-Issued 2014 October 18th
Newsflash Lecture update, 2 New events-Issued 2014 September 24th
Leo's Lecture, Equinox, ISS, Krauss lecture, more on Rosetta, WSW, Newgrange etc-Issued 2014 September 23rd
Aurora tonight? + many new news items-Issued 2014 September 12th
Krauss @ QUB, Near-miss, Andor, Leo's lecture, Sunspot, Jup Moons, Dublin talk-Issued 2014 September 6th
Krauss & Dawkins, Andor visit, Leo at IAA, La Palma, WSW, Newgrange, Elements..-Issued 2014 September 3rd
Free lecture, Rosetta, IAA Solar day, IAA @ Newgrange, Archaeo-ast trip, more-Issued 2014 August 13th
Perseids, Public lecture, ISS, Rosetta @ comet, INAM, Sun at WWT, Newgrange, etc-Issued 2014 August 11th
Perseids, ISS, Supermoon, AP, Rosetta, INAM, Solar Day @ WWT, 2 Newgrange events-Issued 2014 August 2nd
Elements Talk, Cork curiosity, photo workshop, quiet Sun, MAC, INAM, WWT, more!-Issued 2014 July 23rd
IAA Summer BBQ, NLCs, INAM, Solar Day, IMC, Next star parties, Weblinks-Issued 2014 June 25th
IAA Summer BBQ, solstice, NLCs, IAA photo winner, local space, new meetings etc-Issued 2014 June 20th
Midsummer BBQ, Solarfest, Solstice, NLCs, Birth of Moon, Talks, Videos, GB Visit-Issued 2014 June 15th
STFC, CAC, ISS, New Meteors, NLCs, Free Telescope, See meteors in realtime, more-Issued 2014 May 30th
JBB Lecture, STFC, Mercury, Uni in a box, ISS, New Meteors, NLCs, Live meteors-Issued 2014 May 21st
Free night @AP, STFC @ QUB, Lectures, Uinabox, ISS, new Meteors, NLCs, GRS, more-Issued 2014 May 16th
UK spaceport? STFC at Armagh, Updates: other events-Issued 2014 May 6th
AA@Bangor, Dave G nets S/nova 3, Fitzgerald Medal, Asteroids, Obituary, Events-Issued 2014 April 29th
AGM, Bring/Buy/fixit, Fireball, TV, Yuri's Night+ISS, TLE, Diamond Ring, Events-Issued 2014 April 12th
AGM, great COSMOS, IFAS, ISS, Meteorite, Yuri's nite, Cork, Bangor & more events-Issued 2014 April 9th
Lectures, Newsflash, ISS, Yuri's Night, GAM, MAC, COSMOS, MARS, More events-Issued 2014 April 1st
Major Lecture, New Dwarf Planet, COSMOS, other lectures & meetings, competitions-Issued 2014 March 28th
Major Lecture, Other talks, Newgrange, COSMOS, ISS, GAM, Mars, Comps, more-Issued 2014 March 26th
Lectures, Major News, LHC + Higgs Boson Lecture, Competitions, ISS, COSMOS-Issued 2014 March 18th
Lectures, Competitions, Trips, Launches, Jobs, News, Weblinks & much much more!-Issued 2014 March 13th
Lecture update, Flyby, Occultation, IAA events, New planets, Other events-Issued 2014 March 5th
Lecture update, Aiurora, Occultation, IAA Events, Comps, GAM, Lectures, N'grange -Issued 2014 March 1st
Lecture, End of the World (again) ISS, Mars, Rabbit awakes, NAW, Aliens @ Armagh -Issued 2014 February 21st
Lecture, ISS, Meteorite event, Aliens at Armagh, Diary dates -Issued 2014 February 15th
Gaia lecture, ISS, Great GSP, S/N latest, Saturn, Lofar, Meteorite event, Aliens -Issued 2014 February 4th
Lecture, DarkSky Reserve, Mercury, Stardust, GSP, LOFAR, Meteorites, Aliens @ AP -Issued 2014 January 31st
IAA/QUB Prof Gilmore Lecture, 5 Feb - UPDATE, + other updates -Issued 2014 January 26th
S-L, IAA Lecture, John Dobson, Chris Hadfield, Galway SP, Many more events -Issued 2014 January 17th
Stargazing Live, Public Lecture, Big Sunspot, Tyrone Ast, Galway Star Party etc -Issued 2014 January 6th

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