This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.

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Bulletins for 2013

Solstice, Ursids, Lectures, NY Party, Venus, ISS, S-L, Tyrone ast, Galway SP etc-Issued 2013 December 19th
Major Lecture News! Galway talk, Solstice @ NIEA (+ brief recap on other items)-Issued 2013 December 9th
2 Astro Events, Lectures, Book Launches, Venus, ISS, Geminids, Xmas Star, S-L-Issued 2013 December 7th
Lectures, ISON, IAA Astro & other events, book launches, Gemininds, Newgrange-Issued 2013 December 3rd
Lecture, Burn-up, Big S/spot, SAN, NISSIG, Open Night, ISON, Venus, Moonfacts-Issued 2013 November 8th
Lectures, Meteorites, Galileo, AP Open Night, ISON, Astrocamp, Orrery, Andromeda-Issued 2013 October 30th
Lectures, Orionids, Meterorites, Fireballs, ISS, ISON, KillerAsteroid? CERN, etc-Issued 2013 October 21st
4 Lectures, Play, TV, Eclipse, ISS, ISON, CERN @ UCD, GSP, S-L, Weblinks etc-Issued 2013 October 16th
Lecture, IAA @ BCL, AP Events, Space talk, TV, Galway SP, Cork, Dublin events-Issued 2013 October 11th
Lecture, Events, SAN, Arm. Planet., CME, Fireball, GSP, GOCE, LaPalma, ISON, ISS-Issued 2013 October 2nd
Lecture, IAA Events, end of SAN? More events, Tom wins, WSW, Re-Entry + 18 more!-Issued 2013 September 25th
Lecture, SPA, Course update, Loughcrew, LaPalma, Jay Tate, WSW, Meteorite, More!-Issued 2013 September 14th
Lecture, SPA, Mars, Stran, Free event, LaPalma, BCO, PM, SAN, ISON + 12 more!-Issued 2013 September 7th
IAA Talk, SPA, Nova, Ast Course, Obs, PM, ISON, Research post, Galway talk, WSW-Issued 2013 August 30th
Bright Nova, As Course, PM event, Comet Ison, MAVEN, MSA Error, Kate R, Events-Issued 2013 August 16th
Perseid/Party, Comet ISON, P Moore Event, Go to Mars, Guides, EPSC, Pics, Links-Issued 2013 August 12th
Perseids, 3 IAA events, Sprite, Kate Russo, Heavy Metal, Guides, ISON, EPSC etc -Issued 2013 August 2nd
Cassini pic, AstroPlay, AP events, Scopes sale, IAA/RSPB BWSO event, Pics wanted -Issued 2013 July 23rd
Smile for Saturn Event, AP events, Pics wanted, IAA at Cultra, Alien Probes? Web -Issued 2013 July 18th
Thanks, Solstice, ISS, TV on TSE, NLCs, Astro Shop, Saturn, Solarfest, Weblinks -Issued 2013 June 20th
IAA @ Glenavy & Carnfunnock, BBQ, ISS, NLCs, Binocs, TV, Solarfest, J. B-Burnell -Issued 2013 June 12th
Kepler, Sun Flares, Conjunction, IAA Solar day, EXPO, ASGI, Solarfest, SDAS, etc -Issued 2013 May 17th
Another fireball, CERN/LHC, Venus emerges, TV, IAA Solar Day & BBQ, Weblinks-Issued 2013 May 9th
Sir PM, Meteors, CERN @ QUB, Aliens, Eclipse, Galileo, Solar Day, BBQ, ASGI, Web-Issued 2013 May 3rd
New IAA Council, Lyrids, Faulkes Comp, Dark Sky Site launch, Weblinks-Issued 2013 April 22nd
AGM Update, ISS, Faulkes project, Dark sky site launch-Issued 2013 April 17th
AGM, Sir PM talk, ISS, PanSTARRS, COSMOS, Mars Talk, Faulkes, Dark sky site, SAN-Issued 2013 April 11th
Lecture, AGM, Comet, Globe@NightEarthHour, COSMOS, MARS talk, Faulkes Comps-Issued 2013 March 23rd
PanSTARRS seen, IAA Lecture, Armagh event, Globe at Night, COSMOS-Issued 2013 March 14th
N.E. Comet, Lecture, Armagh events, GAN, Methuselah star, Cosmos-Issued 2013 March 10th
Twitter, Lecture, Comet to hit Mars? N-E Comet, IAA@Dungannon, COSMOS, more-Issued 2013 March 6th
Meteorite impacts etc on TV, Possible Mars - comet collision, COSMOS & more-Issued 2013 March 2nd
Lecture, Meteorite, TV, Bright comet, IAA @ St Pat's, Scholarship, COSMOS-Issued 2013 February 28th
Lecture, THAT 'meteor', Missed!, Galileo @ Armagh, Sir PM event, Mars in Morocco-Issued 2013 February 18th
Lecture, ISS, NearMiss, IAA @ Bangor, Astrocourse, Mags in Space? Galileo, Cosmo-Issued 2013 February 12th
Lecture, ISS, Near-Miss update, IAA @ Bangor, Astro-course, Galileo, COSMOS-Issued 2013 February 4th
Lecture, ISS, NearMiss, IAA @ Bangor, S-L @ Armagh, Fire @ SSO, Ast Course, more-Issued 2013 January 23rd
Lecture, ISS, Near miss! IAA @ Bangor, Schoolgirls' TNO, Oldest star, Stran, GSP-Issued 2013 January 17th
Fabulous Stargazing Live, IAA Lecture, ISS, Astro Course, Galileo, GSP, Sun, PM -Issued 2013 January 12th
Party, SAN, Jup Watch, Lecture, S/Live, Ast Course, GSP, IFAS Astronomer of 2012-Issued 2013 January 5th
Quadrantids, NY Party, Lecture, Stargazing Live, Astro course, Galway SP-Issued 2013 January 3rd

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