This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.

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Bulletins for 2012

Sir Patrick Moore, Lidl scope & bino offers, weblinks, + previous items-Issued 2012 December 11th
Lectures, Book launch, Geminids, Ceres, BBC's S-L, BCO, GSP & MORE-Issued 2012 December 7th
Lectures, Awesome Universe, Conjunction, ISS, Geminids, IAA NY Party-Issued 2012 December 4th
Lectures, Stargazing Live 2013, Dark Sky Discovery Night-Issued 2012 November 2nd
Lectures - reminders-Issued 2012 October 30th
New Lectures, Aurora cruise, nearby planet discovered, ISS, Hallowe'en-Issued 2012 October 26th
Lucie Green Lecture update, Other talks, ISS, weblinks, more-Issued 2012 October 16th
FIVE Lectures, ISS, Fireball latest, IAA Subs, Weblinks, Skymaps, more-Issued 2012 October 13th
Meteor outburst, aurora, lectures, ISS, Scope for sale-Issued 2012 October 9th
Lecture, Fireballs, Daft Dust, QUB Lecture, Meteorites, ISS, Comp, Mars, P/ISON-Issued 2012 October 1st
Friday's Fantastic Fireballs-Issued 2012 September 25th
Mountaineering on Mars, Dunsink, Moon, ISS, Meteorites, Sun Talk, Space contest-Issued 2012 September 18th
Lecture, Jup. Impact, Book launch, IAA Obs Night, Dunsink, Moon, ISS, Meteorites-Issued 2012 September 14th
Lectures, Book Launch, astrophot workshop, BCO, NEO pass, Moon, Meteorites-Issued 2012 September 7th
No Blue Moon, New NEO, Sugar in space, EHODs, Book Launch, Fireball reports-Issued 2012 August 31st
Dave's 2nd S/nova, Neil, Fireball, Curiosity, IAA lecture, Booklaunch, Exhib/pic-Issued 2012 August 29th
Curiosity to Mars, Perseids, Solar day, Eclipse book, Weblinks, Balbriggan AC -Issued 2012 August 6th
Armageddon, Curiosity, Perseids, Solar day, eclipse book, NASA-IAA, weblinks -Issued 2012 July 23rd
Solstice @ Beaghmore, Dublin lectures, Solarfest full, NLCs, weblinks-Issued 2012 June 21st
NEO tonite, Solar day at CFP, Solstice at Beaghmore, Dublin Lectures, CurioCity-Issued 2012 June 14th
Bright NEO, Solar Day, BBQ, Merc transit, ISS, NLCs, Weblinks, Dunsink Solarfest-Issued 2012 June 13th
Solar day at Carnfunnock + BBQ, Venus, ISS, NLCs, weblinks, Dunsink Astrofest-Issued 2012 June 11th
God, Science & Global Warming, Giant sunspot, Solarfest, Rover awakes, News, BAA-Issued 2012 May 11th
God, Science & Global Warming, Giant sunspot, Solarfest, Rover awakes, News, BAA-Issued 2012 May 11th
New IAA President, F/Medal, QUB Lecture, Supermoon, Solarfest, BCO, Stolen items-Issued 2012 May 2nd
Lyrids, Jupiter, Conjunction, ISS/Progress, 24hr photo, Lecture, quasar spectrum-Issued 2012 April 20th
AGM, COSMOS, ISS, Lectures, various comps, Weblinks, Titanic Stars, Venus, etc-Issued 2012 April 13th
8 Sisters, 2 Lectures, Lidl Binos, Cosmos, SKA Computer, SAN, ISS, BCO, BigPrize-Issued 2012 April 3rd
IAA at LNDC, IAA Lecture, COSMOS, EarthHour, ISS, GAM, Mars, Orionid meteors-Issued 2012 March 27th
Spectacular conjunction, TV, IAA Event, COSMOS, EarthHour, ISS, Solar heat, Oops-Issued 2012 March 23rd
Lectures, IAA @ LNDC, COSMOS, A/O Events, SpaceTrain, Space classroom, More...-Issued 2012 March 13th
Talk 2nit, IAA@LNDC, COSMOS, RDS, Astro events 17/3, V,J&M, Titanic, Close miss-Issued 2012 March 7th
Lecture, TV, IAA @ LNDC, COSMOS, RDS, AO Astronomy on 17/3, V, J & M-Issued 2012 March 3rd
Lecture, Cosmic Cuilcagh, IAA @ LNDC, COSMOS, RDS, Amagh, ISS, Venus, Earth Hour -Issued 2012 February 20th
Lectures, Cosmic Cuilcagh, IAA @ LNDC, COSMOS, RDS, Amagh, ISS, Earth Hour -Issued 2012 February 12th
Lecture, DCP a HUGE success, IAA at Marble Arch & LNDC, COSMOS '12, ISS, Aurora -Issued 2012 February 4th
Stargazing Live Tonight-Issued 2012 January 27th
Queensland Total Solar Eclipse Leaflet-Issued 2012 January 27th
S/L a huge success, Lectures, IAA Live on radio, 27 Jan, ISS, Venus, Aurorae-Issued 2012 January 23rd
S/gazing Update, Lecture, Galway SP, Spacecraft crash, Space/Astro News, Aurorae -Issued 2012 January 16th
Lectures, Stargazing Live, IAA/Radio, Galway AF, IFAS award, E-ELT, ISS, Venus -Issued 2012 January 9th
Star Party, Lectures, BBC Stargazing, IAA/Radio, Galway, Comet, Venus, Aurorae -Issued 2012 January 5th

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