This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.

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Bulletins for 2011

2nd Earth, Solstice, Meteors, IAA Party, 2 Lectures, Venus, S/gazing Live, More -Issued 2011 December 20th
Lecture, Gem's, Comet, Lidl 'scope, Radio, Solstice, Party, Stargazing Live, GAF-Issued 2011 December 13th
Lectures, Lunar Eclipse, Meteors, NY Party, Stargazing Live, GAF, ISS-Issued 2011 December 8th
IAA Lecture, Events at WWT and Dungannon, RIA lecture, Galway A.F., ISS-Issued 2011 November 29th
IAA Events at WWT and at St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon -Issued 2011 November 25th
Lectures, Close miss, Astronaut, BCO, Spacelab, Galileo, MSL, Meteors, ISS, Jup. -Issued 2011 October 28th
Lecture, Orionids, ROSAT, Spacelab, Galileo, M31's asteroid, Mars talks -Issued 2011 October 22th
Lecture, Dracs, Rosat to crash, Competition, M31, Mars talks, Meteorite, Moseley -Issued 2011 October 14th
2 Lectures, BCO, Draconid outburst + Armagh, Weird EKBO, Cork trip great success -Issued 2011 October 3rd
2 Lectures, Meteor outburst, Armagh Obs Meteors watch, UARS crash -Issued 2011 September 29th
4 Lectures, Cork trip, UARS crash, Draconid outburst, Comets, ISS, Mars events -Issued 2011 September 21st
IAA Lecture, update re Cork, lectures, space news, circumbinary exoplanet, MAC -Issued 2011 September 16th
IAA/Cork, Lectures, Occult, Comet, Ast class, Comp, Galway, Twitter, Sun spheres -Issued 2011 September 7th
Award for DK, TV, BCO, ASGI, Lecture, Ultra Cool stars, Sirius Domes, Dublin Sun -Issued 2011 August 31st
IAA Perseid party, Solar day, TV Programmes, ASGI, Dublin lecture, ISS -Issued 2011 August 12th
Earth's sister, Rockets, Lecture, ISS, TV, Perseids, IAA Solar Day, BCO, ASGI -Issued 2011 July 29th
2 Lectures, Rockets, IAA for APOY, Eclipse survey, ISS, Perseids, Solar day -Issued 2011 July 25th
Two Lectures, Eclipse survey, ISS, Perseids, IAA Solar Day at WWT -Issued 2011 July 21st
Lecture at QUB, Shuttle landing, Rocket Weekend at Armagh, Aurora Trip -Issued 2011 July 21st
QUB/IAA Lectures, Dawn at Vesta, Final Shuttle, Aurora Trip -Issued 2011 July 19th
DIAS & QUB Lectures, Last Shuttle, BCO, Aurora Trip, Aphelion -Issued 2011 July 1st
IAA BBQ update, NEO, DIAS Lecture, Dave's asteroid, Aurora Trip-Issued 2011 June 24th
TLE, IAA at Glenavy, & BBQ, Solarfest, Solstice, DIAS lecture-Issued 2011 June 18th
New comet Pan-STARRS-Issued 2011 June 8th
Supernova in Whirlpool Galaxy, Irish Space Science, Reminders-Issued 2011 June 4th
Armagh Lecture, Eclipse, IAA @ Glenavy, Solarfest, IAA/BBQ, BCO Events, Teachers-Issued 2011 June 2nd
AGM + Astronomy Tours, ISS Evenings, Nanosail, Secret Satellites, Lyrids-Issued 2011 April 19th
IAA AGM+Tours, Cosmonaut, Astrotours, ISS, Nanosail, Russian plans, Secret Sats-Issued 2011 April 14th
IAA Lecture, COSMOS, Cosmonaut, ISS, Nanosail, BCO Events-Issued 2011 March 31st
Lecture, Supermoon, G.A.N, Earth Hour, Nanosail-D, COSMOS-Issued 2011 March 23rd
Lecture, Mercury, Close Moon, GAN, Nanosail D, Cosmos-Issued 2011 March 18th
IAA Astro events, Lecture, GAN, Armagh, COSMOS, Nanosail, U/M, Supermoon -Issued 2011 March 11th
IAA Lecture, Events at WWT & Marble Arch, GA/F, COSMOS, BCO, HST Talk-Issued 2011 March 2nd
Lecture, Globe@Night, NanoSail, GAF, IAA @ WWT & Marble Arch, DTU, Cosmos, BCO +-Issued 2011 February 21st
Aurora? IAA Talk, NanoSail-D, New Giant planet? GAF, Astro - St Pat, Cosmos, BCO-Issued 2011 February 16th
IAA Lecture, ISS, VENUS, NANOSAIL-D, Moonwalker, GAF, COSMOS, BCO Events-Issued 2011 February 21st
Lecture, BETT Award, ISS, Venus, Galway Astrofest, COSMOS-Issued 2011 January 21st
IAA Lecture, ISS, Mercury, Galway AF 2011, COSMOS 2011, that PSE!-Issued 2011 January 11th

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