This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.
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Bulletins for 2010

Telescope night, ISS, Geminids, A/O, Drake Eq, TLE, Prof Meurs, Shuttle, IAA NYP-Issued 2010 Dec 10th
Telescopes and Meteorites, Lectures, BCO movies, Shuttle delay-Issued 2010 November 16th
Lectures, Shuttle delay, Science Week, WWT event, BCO events, BAA Irish members-Issued 2010 November 2nd
EVENTS UPDATE-Issued 2010 November 2nd
Lectures, Shuttle, Cassini Comp, IAA Observing, Hartleyid meteors? ISS, BCO-Issued 2010 October 30th
Lectures, Comet Hartley, Successful WSP, Irish asteroid award & Observatory code-Issued 2010 October 16th
Irish supernova, WSP, 4 Lectures, Cassini Comp, ISS, V. dark Cork Sky-Issued 2010 October 5th
IAA Lecture, Cork & Dublin lectures, WSP, Cassini Comp, ISS, Death of Val White-Issued 2010 September 29th
IAA Lecture, Jupiter closest, Equinox, RIA & Southwood & Cork lectures, WSP-Issued 2010 September 21st
IAA Lecture, IMO Conference, Dunsink talk, BSP, Moon, WSP, Amazing conjunction-Issued 2010 September 9th
First IAA Lecture, IMO, MAC, BSP, WSP, ISS, Moon Night, Mercury, Jupiter-Issued 2010 September 4th
2x lecture, BSP, Dublin Event, WSP, IMO, ISS, For Sale, Mars Hoax, Neil A, BCO-Issued 2010 August 27th
Solar day Mt Stewart, IAA/QUB lecturex2, BSP, WSP, Armagh events, IMC, & More!-Issued 2010 August 19th
Perseids, IAA @ WWT & Mount Stewart, Major Lectures at QUB-Issued 2010 June 29th
Solstice, Comet, NLCs, Occultation, BCO Events, Advance Notice events-Issued 2010 June 25th
Superb IAA/UAS event; Solstice; BBC broadcast on the solstice-Issued 2010 June 20th
IAA/UAS/NIEA Event looking good! -Issued 2010 June 18th
IAA/UAS Event update; Comet update, NO Dark Energy? -Issued 2010 June 16th
IAA/UAS Solstice Event, No Dark Energy? -Issued 2010 June 12th
Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1), Solarfest, IAA/UAS event -Issued 2010 June 10th
Jupiter hit again?, Solarfest, IAA/UAS sostice event, NLCs -Issued 2010 June 5th
ISS, Lecture & Event in Armagh, BCO Events -Issued 2010 May 7th
IAA AGM + Bring & Buy; Armagh Lecture & Open Day; MAC Observing -Issued 2010 April 21st
Lecture, AGM, TV, COSMOS, ISS + Shuttle, Thinktank Planetarium -Issued 2010 April 6th
Mercury+Venus, IAA Lecture, BCO Astronomy, COSMOS, Shuttle + ISS -Issued 2010 April 1st
Lecture, IAA Open night at WWT, UK Rocket Challenge, ASGI, BCO, COSMOS 2010 -Issued 2010 March 23rd
IAA Lecture, ISS, QUB Lecture, Schools Rocket Challenge, ASGI -Issued 2010 March 9th
Lecture, Global Astronomy Month, IMO Meteor Conf, IAA at WWT, ISS, Galway SP -Issued 2010 February 18th
Lecture, Fireball latest, Galway Star Party, Water on Europa -Issued 2010 February 10th
FIREBALL, Lecture, FAS video, Galway Star Party -Issued 2010 February 4th
Galway Astrofest, 12 - 13 Feb -Issued 2010 January 15th
ISS, BT YSE -Issued 2010 January 15th
IAA Lecture, ISS, New Year Party -Issued 2010 January 11th

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