This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.
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Bulletins for 2009

Lecture, Competition, BCO, OU Courses, Martian Life? STEREO -Issued 2009 November 30th
IYA at Limavady, ISS + Shuttle, DIAS, CfDS Petition, FETTU Launch in Armagh-Issued 2009 November 19th
Astro Event, Lectures, Exhib, Shuttle, ISS, Astroarchaeology, GA/F-Issued 2009 November 10th

Lectures, Sky Guide, Asteroid Impact, Flight Test, New Sunspot, Most distant GRB-Issued 2009 October 29th
Correction, Orionids, Lectures, Galilean Nights, BCO, ISS-Issued 2009 October 20th
IYA 2009 at WWT, Lectures, BCO Prog, ISS, Venus-Issued 2009 October 19th
Lectures, Science Cafe, IYA @ WWT, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, etc-Issued 2009 October 13th
Meteorites talk, Lunar Impacts, Cassini Comp, BCO, Sir P.M., ISS, Astron course-Issued 2009 October 6th
Lecture, Donegal & Patrick Moore Events, ISS, Astronomy Course-Issued 2009 October 1st

LP Conf, Lectures, Star Party, Comp Winners, Art, ISS, HST, Astronomy Course...-Issued 2009 September 16th
Symposium, Lectures, Mutual Jovian satellite event, Open Day, Art, BSP-Issued 2009 September 7th
LP Symposium, Competition, Mt Wilson fires, Lectures, BCO Events-Issued 2009 September 2nd

Dark Skies Conference, New IAA website, Lectures, Newgrange, Burren Star Party-Issued 2009 August 20th
Perseid BBQ, IYA2009 events, Lectures, Competitions, and MUCH more-Issued 2009 August 7th
Eclipse report, Lecture, Star Wars, Jupiter Impact & Occultation, Perseids-Issued 2009 August 1st

Eclipse, Lecture at Tara, Jupiter occultation-Issued 2009 Jul 17th
Lectures, Star Wars Ex, IYA2009 Mural, Photo comp, Big Moon, stamps-Issued 2009 Jun 30th
Event Updates, NLCs-Issued 2009 Jun 19th
Solstice Astroarchaeology, Solarfest, Cassini, NLCs-Issued 2009 Jun 15th

IYA2009 at Castle Archdale, ISS, Solarfest-Issued 2009 May 20th
Lectures, Solarfest, TCD Symp, The Sun, Photos, NASA, BCO, DIAS-Issued 2009 May 8th

New IAA Council, IAS President, IYA events, GRB Record, Jobs-Issued 2009 April 24th
Sad death, IYA at Castle Archdale, Solstice Astroarchaeology, BCO, Moon Atlas-Issued 2009 April 24th
Fireball, Aliens at BCO, Memorial Service, Lectures, AGM, Lidl Binocs-Issued 2009 April 8th
Lectures, Carnfunnock Event, 100h of Astronomy, Hidden Heritage, BCO-Issued 2009 April 1st

Lecture correction, IYA2009 at Carnfunnock C. P., Death of Tao Kiang, COSMOS-Issued 2009 March 31st
Competition, 2 more asteroids, Lectures, COSMOS, EARTH HOUR, ASGI-Issued 2009 March 25th
IAA Lecture 18 March, Globe At Night, ISS, Lecture in Birr-Issued 2009 March 17th
Dave G's 2nd asteroid, Kepler Launch, Lectures, Scholarship-Issued 2009 March 6th
Lectures, Space scholarship, Cosmos 2009-Issued 2009 March 4th

IAA lecture, Comet, Conjunction, BCO Events, Odd eclipse, TV, Books, Edinburgh-Issued 2009 February 27th
Satellites collide, IAA lectures, Armagh lecture, Comet Lulin-Issued 2009 February 12th
IAA Lecture, Prof Carl Murray visit, BCO Events, Jupiter occultation-Issued 2009 February 3rd

IAA Meeting, Galway Star Party, Fireball, ISS, PDRA position at QUB-Issued 2009 January 20th
IAA Lecture, TV Programmes, Galway Astrofest-Issued 2009 January 6th
IAA Opening Lecture, IAS Lecture-Issued 2009 January 6th

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