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This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.
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Bulletins for 2006

Lidl Scopes update-Issued 2006 December 17th
Observing Night, RIA astronomy newsletter-Issued 2006 December 15th
Aurora, Lidl Bargains, ISS, Ursids-Issued 2006 December 15th
Lecture, Geminids, NY Party, Books, Name to the Moon-Issued 2006 December 11th
Events, News, Shuttle mission-Issued 2006 November 30th
Greenwich job, Geminid Meteors-Issued 2006 November 30th
Lecture, Galway Astrofest update, Lidl Scope cheaper in ROI-Issued 2006 November 29th
Mystery star, Lecture, Light Pollution, Connacht Star Party-Issued 2006 November 27th
Lecture, Saturn, Mercury, Bargain 'scope, Comets, JENAM-Issued 2006 November 26th
Leonids - Partial Success-Issued 2006 November 19th
IAA Leonid watch, AP on RTE, Structure of Matter, Armagh lecture-Issued 2006 November 18th
Leonids, Lindsay Centennial.-Issued 2006 November 16th
IAA Lecture, Leonids, Astronomy news-Issued 2006 November 13th
SDAS, UNAWE at Armagh, Lecture in NUU-Issued 2006 November 8th
IAA & Robinson Lectures; Lindsay Centenary-Issued 2006 November 7th
NISO, Faulkes Tel, EAAS talk, HST-Issued 2006 November 2nd
HANDS ON 'SCOPES, Orionids, Leonids-Issued 2006 October 31st
ISS, Lectures, Comet, Orionids, ARTI, Andy's emails-Issued 2006 October 25th
Public Lecture by Leo Enright, Wed 4 October-Issued 2006 October 3rd
IAA at GLF; First IAA meeting; Saharan Stargazing; WSP; 60th Anniversary-Issued 2006 September 12th
Lunar Eclipse, IAA at WWT, IAA meeting, Planetarium job-Issued 2006 September 5th
LECTURE AT QUB Thu 31st, SMART Impact, Shuttle Launch, Pluto-Issued 2006 August 30th
Astronomy Event at Mount Stewart, Perseids, ISS-Issued 2006 August 15th
Perseids + BBQ, Armagh Planetarium-Issued 2006 August 10th
NLC Photos, Mark Bailey, Next TSE, Perseid BBQ, Scope 4 sale, Armagh Planetarium-Issued 2006 July 25th
Astronomy Barbecue, ISS, Crawford Observatory-Issued 2006 June 23rd
Solstice, Pluto on TV, BBQ, MBE, Shuttle-Issued 2006 June 19th
IAA BBQ, NLCs, ISS all night, Blackrock Castle Obs-Issued 2006 June 12th
Mercury, Visitors to the Beehive, BBQ, Eclipse photos-Issued 2006 June 1st
Asteroid McKenna, New Magazine, Radio, TV, Events, IAA BBQ-Issued 2006 May 22nd
Congrats to Martin McKenna; Dob Bargain, PhD position, Free Journals-Issued 2006 May 20th
Great Value Binocs, Jupiter, Lecture, Meteors-Issued 2006 May 3rd
Comet, ISS, New IAA Council, Lectures, Charity Observing event-Issued 2006 May 1st
Comet 73P S-W, Chart-Issued 2006 April 18th
IAA AGM, COSMOS 06, Polo Shirts, Comet, Shiny Xena-Issued 2006 April 13th
Eclipse success, TV Lectures, Star Night, COSMOS 06-Issued 2006 April 4th
Equinox, TV, 2 lectures-Issued 2006 March 18th
Book Launch, Future Events, 'scope for sale-Issued 2006 March 15th
PLE, TV, Lectures-Issued 2006 March 13th
IAA on TV, Lecture, Lunar Eclipse-Issued 2006 March 6th
TV Progs, WWT success, Turkey Eclipse trip, IAA meeting-Issued 2006 March 5th
Jupiter's new Red Spot, Asteroid impact threat-Issued 2006 March 3rd
RRS, IAA @ WWT, Lecture, TV, Science/Art-Issued 2006 March 2nd
Lectures, IAA at WWT, Comet, RRS, Eclipse meets, 'Life-stars', LunarPhase Pro-Issued 2006 February 28th
Lecture, TV, Mercury, Rocky Road Show, IAA Event-Issued 2006 February 22nd
Lectures, TV, Mercury-Issued 2006 February 20th
NOVA OUTBURST-Issued 2006 February 13th
TV, Lectures, Podcast, Eclipse trip-Issued 2006 February 11th
Supernova in M100-Issued 2006 February 9th
TV, Lectures, Saturn Session-Issued 2006 February 8th
Inaugural Lecture, Prof Alan Fitzsimmons-Issued 2006 February 7th
Lectures, COSMOS 06-Issued 2006 February 7th
TV, Lectures, Sputnik-Issued 2006 February 5th
Sputnik 1, Lectures, TV, Birmingham Planetarium-Issued 2006 February 4th
Sci-Art, Sputnik 1, 500 Flares, Moon & Mars-Issued 2006 February 3rd
London Planetarium, Lectures, Suitsat-Issued 2006 February 1st
ISS, IAA, Lectures, TV-Issued 2006 January 31st
Sky at Night Mag features IAA, Lectures, TV, Connacht Star Party-Issued 2006 January 30th
IFAS Turkey Trip - Price correction-Issued 2006 January 9th
IFAS TURKEY ECLIPSE TRIP-Issued 2006 January 9th
NY Party, Stardust, Amateurs & Neutrinos, IFAS Ast of the Year-Issued 2006 January 8th
IAA Party, EAAS, IAA lecture, IAS, CSP, ISS-Issued 2006 January 7th
TV, Radio, ISS, Meteors-Issued 2006 January 1st

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