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This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.
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Bulletins for 2005

HNLS, IAA Party, 2xNM, Aurorae?, Quads, ISS-Issued 2005 December 31st
Supernova in M51, Einstein-Issued 2005 December 28th
IAA Xmas/New Year Party; Connaught Star Party-Issued 2005 December 23rd
IAA Xmas/New Year Party; Connaught Star Party-Issued 2005 December 23rd
LECTURE EXCLUSIVE!-Issued 2005 December 13th
Congrats, Lectures, Party-Issued 2005 December 12th
Lidl Scopes, Lecture, Competition-Issued 2005 December 11th
Lectures, IAA New Year Party, Geminids, Venus, 'Scopes-Issued 2005 December 8th
Radio, Lectures, Lidl Scopes-Issued 2005 December 6th
Lidl Telescope offers, Correction-Issued 2005 December 5th
Horlicks in East Antrim, Lidl scopes-Issued 2005 December 5th
TWO LECTURES, + IAA Xmas / New Year Party-Issued 2005 December 5th
TV, Lectures, Exhibition, ISS, Geminids-Issued 2005 December 4th

Bresser Binocs, LIDL-Issued 2005 November 29th
Brilliant Fireball, lectures, Radio-Issued 2005 November 28th
Quick test of Lidl Bresser binocs-Issued 2005 November 28th
Lidl Binocs, Lectures, ISS-Issued 2005 November 27th
LECTURE, LIDL Binocs-Issued 2005 November 27th
Fireball, Lectures, Moon & Venus, Death of Endel Opik-Issued 2005 November 22nd
Turkey Eclipse, Venus, Binocs, Faulkes Tel., Lecture-Issued 2005 November 21st
Fireballs, ISS, Mars watch, Calendars, NEO's on the OU-Issued 2005 November 3rd

QUIZ, LECTURE, MARS WATCHES-Issued 2005 October 31st
Radio, TV, Meetings, Theatre, Mars-Issued 2005 October 30th
MARS WATCH, Real money quiz-Issued 2005 October 27th
Radio, Mars Watch, Astro Quiz-Issued 2005 October 25th
Lecture, UCD, Thur 20 Oct; Mars-Issued 2005 October 20th
IAA Lecture, Moon in Pleiades-Issued 2005 October 17th
Media, Lectures, Exhibitions, Mars-Issued 2005 October 16th
WSP, Media, lectures, ISS, Ticket?-Issued 2005 October 11th
Planet 10's Moon, Eclipsed by clouds, WSP, lecture in Dublin-Issued 2005 October 3rd
Radio & TV, Eclipse, Lectures, WSP-Issued 2005 October 2nd
TV, Irish SN confirmation, Eclipse, Lecture-Issued 2005 October 1st

Eclipse on Monday 3rd, Major Lecture-Issued 2005 September 28th
Eclipse, Victor Meldrew Impressions-Issued 2005 September 27th
Super lecture, Birr Accom., Asteroid Occultation-Issued 2005 September 23rd
Lecture, Birr WSP, Sky at Night Mag-Issued 2005 September 20th
MAJOR IAA LECTURE, WED 21st-Issued 2005 September 18th
Aurora alert, IAA at the Argory, Lecture-Issued 2005 September 14th
Aurorae, ISS, Broadcasts, IAA at Argory, Major Lecture-Issued 2005 September 11th
Death of D. Sinden, Radio & TV-Issued 2005 September 4th

Armagh Observatory Event, ISS, Google Earth-Issued 2005 August 28th
Aurora alert, Pat Corvan event-Issued 2005 August 23rd
MARS, TV, LECTURES, BOOK, DUNSINK-Issued 2005 August 21st
Perseids, TV, RADIO, Lecture, ISS, Dunsink, BA Fest of Science-Issued 2005 August 12th
Perseids BBQ, KAS Star Party-Issued 2005 August 9th
Radio, TV-Issued 2005 August 6th
Perseids, BBQ, IAA on Radio Ulster-Issued 2005 August 5th

New Planet + EKBO's; RADIO; Lecture, SHUTTLE-Issued 2005 July 30th
It's raining Planets!-Issued 2005 July 29th
Pluto's little brother....-Issued 2005 July 29th
ANOTHER 'PLUTO'?-Issued 2005 July 29th
Possible aurora, early Perseids, WWT BBQ-Issued 2005 July 28th
Special Lecture by Prof G. Burbidge-Issued 2005 July 27th
WWT BBQ, Google Moon, Shuttle Launch, Perseids, Address changes-Issued 2005 July 21th
TV Programmes, Planet of triple star?-Issued 2005 July 16th
Tempel 1 much brighter-Issued 2005 July 4th
More on Deep Impact-Issued 2005 July 3rd
Deep Impact, Sunspots, Weird Planet, Shuttle Launch-Issued 2005 July 3rd
Sad News-Issued 2005 July 2nd

Date correction, Radio, TV-Issued 2005 June 25th
Amazing conjunction, ISS-Issued 2005 June 25th
Longer nights, ISS, Nice conjunction, Jupiter-Issued 2005 June 21st
Great BBQ, Meade Binocs, ISS-Issued 2005 June 18th
Meade Binocs in Lidls, IAA BBQ-Issued 2005 June 15th
BA Science Festival, PhD Position-Issued 2005 June 9th
Planetarium & Ulster Museum-Issued 2005 June 9th
Venus, NLCs-Issued 2005 June 6th
Midsummer BBQ, 18 June; Venus-Issued 2005 June 2nd

Asteroid Corvan, Venus, Mars-Issued 2005 May 29th
TV Progs, Research posts.-Issued 2005 May 23rd
Congrats to Tom Mason, & Armagh Planetarium-Issued 2005 May 17th
Possible aurora, eyepiece & Solarscopes offer-Issued 2005 May 15th
Aurora alert, TV Prog., EAAS meeting-Issued 2005 May 8th
Hubble news, Big Sunspot-Issued 2005 May 2nd

TV, Radio, ISS-Issued 2005 April 30th
Giant sunspot, ISS, Occultation by Saturn's Rings-Issued 2005 April 29th
Meade 10x50 binos for £13.99-Issued 2005 April 28th
New IAA Council, BBQ-Issued 2005 April 27th
HST images, Geology events, personal honour-Issued 2005 April 27th
AGM + Video-Issued 2005 April 25th
Superb HST/Faulkes Event, Newtonian drama-Issued 2005 April 25th
Special HST Book & DVD-Issued 2005 April 21st
New Scientist, Binoc offer, HST event-Issued 2005 April 20th
Perseids BBQ, HST EVENT, 24 April, ISS-Issued 2005 April 18th
IAA Event, NS appeal, HST Event, SAN Magazine, ASGI-Issued 2005 April 16th
Observing tonight: good forecast!-Issued 2005 April 15th
Front to Front Public Observing/Planetarium nights-Issued 2005 April 13th
Special HST & Faulkes Telescope Event, Reminders-Issued 2005 April 9th
Lectures, IAA observing/stardome events, ASGI-Issued 2005 April 8th

Lectures @ Cork, Belfast, Maynooth; HST Event-Issued 2005 March 31st
Cosmos, Irish Optics, Einstein, RIA Public Lecture-Issued 2005 March 30th
Dates confusion!, TV, Lectures-Issued 2005 March 27th
Cosmos accommodation-Issued 2005 March 26th
IAA Lecture, COSMOS PROG-Issued 2005 March 25th
Turkish Delight a la Hollandaise-Issued 2005 March 24th
Astronomers 1: Meteorologists 0, lectures-Issued 2005 March 18th
Heavenly Spectacular, Lecture, ISS, BCRO, UFOs-Issued 2005 March 17th
Lectures, IAA at Mount Stewart, COSMOS-Issued 2005 March 15th
Science Week Events, SAN Magazine-Issued 2005 March 13th
SuperVolcano TV, Cosmos-Issued 2005 March 11th
TV, Radio,ISS, Rocky Road Show, Lecture, Eclipse trip Forum-Issued 2005 March 10th
Rosetta, Aurora Calendar-Issued 2005 March 6th
Rosetta, Armagh, Sky At Night, Mercury, ISS, RRS-Issued 2005 March 5th
Rosetta, NAM for QUB, Messier Marathon, Eclipse-Issued 2005 March 3rd
Beagle & Beyond-Issued 2005 March 2nd
Lectures, radio programme, postponement.-Issued 2005 March 1st

3 Lectures, Eclipse Trip Latest-Issued 2005 February 26th
Eclipse Trip, call for deposits-Issued 2005 February 23rd
Turkey Eclipse Trip Finalised, Radio-Issued 2005 February 21st
Wrong decade!, Mark McCluney-Issued 2005 February 16th
Very near miss! Eclipse Trip, Lecture-Issued 2005 February 15th
ISS, Summer Schoool, Hubble Trouble, ESPs, Eclipse trip-Issued 2005 February 13th
New Event, changes, COSMOS, Turkey-Issued 2005 February 11th
Lectures, Play, Panel, Talks, TV-Issued 2005 February 8th
ECLIPSE TRIP TO TURKEY-Issued 2005 February 2nd

Great CSP, Radio, Lectures, inc IAA meeting-Issued 2005 January 31st
Astronaut Magic, Coming Events-Issued 2005 January 26th
Amazing Astronaut!-Issued 2005 January 24th
Astronaut Visit, Radio&TV, CSP, Bill Dumpleton-Issued 2005 January 23rd
TITAN TREAT-Issued 2005 January 19th
ISS, IAA Astronaut event, Meteor Photography-Issued 2005 January 19th
Aurora, Galway Accom RTF, Huygens.-Issued 2005 January 17th
TV Progs, Lectures, CSP-Issued 2005 January 16th
Aurora alert; date correction, Huygens-Issued 2005 January 16th
Saving Huygens, IAA meeting, New Lecture-Issued 2005 January 14th
Huygens, Kids/Family Astro-Day at Lisburn-Issued 2005 January 14th
Titan Time, Directions for Kids/Family Day, Giant Sunspot, Comet-Issued 2005 January 13th
TV, Diary Dates-Issued 2005 January 11th
Party, TV, Family Day, CSP, Comet-Issued 2005 January 8th
Tom Mason MBE, Einstein on R.4., Reminders-Issued 2005 January 3rd
Aurora?, IAA NY Party, Astro-Day, Comet chart jpg.-Issued 2005 January 2nd
TV Progs, New Year Party-Issued 2005 January 1st
Quadrantids, Machholz, Sun, meetings-Issued 2005 January 1st

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