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This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland. To receive them directly to your email address you should contact Terry at TerryMoselaol.com

Bulletins for 2004

NASA astronauts in Dublin, Comet-Issued 2004 December 28th
Mercury correction; Comet Macholz, lecture-Issued 2004 December 20th
Sir P 70y in BAA, Solstice, TV, Mercury, IAA events-Issued 2004 December 19th
TV, Geminids, Lecture, Skylux-Issued 2004 December 11th
Skylux Good, Binocs Bad!-Issued 2004 December 10th
Fireball, DTR, Lecture Tickets, Dunsink-Issued 2004 December 10th
Lidl Binocs, IAA lecture, Dunsink, Geminids-Issued 2004 December 9th
2004's best meteors, TV, Lecture, IAA Party-Issued 2004 December 7th
Save Dunsink Observatory!-Issued 2004 December 7th
Another Lecture!, TV-Issued 2004 December 5th

3 Lectures, 3 TV Progs.-Issued 2004 November 30th
IAA lecture, TV Prog, 2 New Lectures, IAA sub-Issued 2004 November 25th
Two Lectures, ISS, next IAA lecture-Issued 2004 November 23rd
Leonids, Lecture, IFAS Challenge Prizes-Issued 2004 November 21st
What meteors?, ISS-Issued 2004 November 19th
A Lidl confusion-Issued 2004 November 16th
Lecture, Lidl Telecope bargains, TV-Issued 2004 November 15th
TV Progs, Lecture, Leonid Radiant-Issued 2004 November 7th
LEONIDS LATEST-Issued 2004 November 6th
Extra Leonid activity in E Europe?-Issued 2004 November 5th

Heavenly Conjunction, Space Odyssey latest-Issued 2004 October 30th
Dunsink IS to close-Issued 2004 October 29th
Eclipse, RIA Committee, Lectures.-Issued 2004 October 28th
Eclipse Invitation-Issued 2004 October 23rd
Superb talk, Eclipse-Issued 2004 October 20th
IAA: Great News!-Issued 2004 October 18th
Major TV Series, IAA Lecture-Issued 2004 October 15th
2 Armagh Lectures-Issued 2004 October 13th
RIA Astronomy Committee-Issued 2004 October 12th
Lecture, ISS re-crew, TV Progs-Issued 2004 October 12th
N/S Special, Armagh Planetarium, AWOTWS, ISS-Issued 2004 October 11th
Lectures, Walk on # Wild Side, Amagh Planetarium-Issued 2004 October 5th
Horizon on Dinosaur Extinction, Dunsink, SAN repeats-Issued 2004 October 2nd
Lectures Mon & Wed & later-Issued 2004 October 2nd

TV Prog, Lecture, Medals, Astro/Geol Event-Issued 2004 September 28th
2 Lectures, Lecture series, S.A.N.-Issued 2004 September 21st
IAA Meeting, WSP, IFAS Observing Challenges-Issued 2004 September 19th
Sun at MountStewart, ISS, WSP, Lectures, Space Art-Issued 2004 September 12th
Solar day, Morning planets, ISS-Issued 2004 September 9th
Solar Day, Space Art, ASGI, Armagh Obs, WSP, RIA, IAA +-Issued 2004 September 5th
2005 Special Relativity Centenary-Issued 2004 September 1st

Buzz Aldrin / Dublin; Science / Maynooth, Science Photo comp-Issued 2004 August 26th
GRB Lecture, Space Art, Solar day, WSP-Issued 2004 August 24th
Slides, STARDUST, Sunspots, Solar Day, WSP, UM event-Issued 2004 August 16th
Plenty of Perseids-Issued 2004 August 7th
Carnfunnock Success, WSP rtf-Issued 2004 August 2nd

SUN-DAY on SATURDAY-Issued 2004 July 29th
Carnfunnock 31 July; Argory, 11 Sep-Issued 2004 July 21st
Occultation path shift-Issued 2004 July 19th
More on occultation, Sunspots-Issued 2004 July 17th
Ast. Occ, Sunspopts-Issued 2004 July 17th
Ast. occ, Lectures, ISS, Sun, Venus, Solar day-Issued 2004 July 16th

Dublin Lectures, BBQ, ISS, Solar day-Issued 2004 June 27th
IAA BBQ, Lectures in Dublin, NLCs-Issued 2004 June 23rd
IAA Solstice BBQ, Armagh Observatory-Issued 2004 June 22nd
Delta Sco IS bright!-Issued 2004 June 12th
Delta Scorpii Bright?-Issued 2004 June 12th
Next Venus Transit, TV tape, S&T etc, BBQ-Issued 2004 June 10th
TRANSIT OBSERVED!-Issued 2004 June 8th
Yes - 2nd Contact!!-Issued 2004 June 8th
Venus on 2 SOHO images!-Issued 2004 June 7th
Venus in eclipses, Safety-Issued 2004 June 6th
Venus on SOHO, next transits-Issued 2004 June 6th
Next Venus Transits-Issued 2004 June 4th
VENUS IN SOHO!-Issued 2004 June 4th
Transit on TV, Radio & Web-Issued 2004 June 2nd
Venus on Radio!, Venus at Armagh, B'mena, Bushmills, etc.-Issued 2004 June 1st

CMB @ UCC, ISS, NEAT, T of V-Issued 2004 May 18th
Comet Neat Easier-Issued 2004 May 10th
Comet NEAT-Issued 2004 May 9th
Total Lunar Eclipse!-Issued 2004 May 3rd

Fitzgerald Awards, Eclipse at Carnfunnock-Issued 2004 April 29th
Carnfunnock Report, AGM, Change of address.-Issued 2004 April 25th
Sunspot, Comets, AGM, Rocks Around The North-Issued 2004 April 20th
Aurora, Lidl Binocs, Lecture-Issued 2004 April 7th
10x50 binocs for £14!-Issued 2004 April 5th

IAA lecture, ASGI-Issued 2004 March 28th
IAA at Mount Stewart, ARTI, ISS-Issued 2004 March 26th
ARTI LECTURE, COSMOS, Mount Stewart-Issued 2004 March 24th
ARTI, Mercury + 4, Cosmos-Issued 2004 March 18th
Closest Asteroid flyby!-Issued 2004 March 18th
Lecture, COSMOS, Arcturus, Starry Night-Issued 2004 March 16th
New Planet = bigger SS, Sunspot Image-Issued 2004 March 14th
Free Tube; Sun, Lectures, Ast magazines-Issued 2004 March 13th
3 lectures, Tours of Armagh Obs, Spirit views crater-Issued 2004 March 12th
IAA, Armagh, Cosmos, RRS, Planetarium, Virus-Issued 2004 March 4th
IAA Lecture-Issued 2004 March 2nd

Stardust, Registax, Sunspot, ISS, LINEAR-Issued 2004 February 28th
IAA Lecture, Armagh Obs Events-Issued 2004 February 24th
4 Transits, TV, Comet-Issued 2004 February 20th
Lecture, Transit of Venus-Issued 2004 February 17th
IAA Lecture, Cosmos 04-Issued 2004 February 3rd

TV Progs, Lectures, ISS-Issued 2004 January 31st
TV Progs-Issued 2004 January 27th
Brilliant Connaught Star Party, ISS Evening Passes-Issued 2004 January 25th
Connaught Star Party; Books; Spirit R/S?-Issued 2004 January 22nd
IAA Meeting, Dinosaur fossils, ISS-Issued 2004 January 21st
IAA Meeting, Connaught Star Party, Mars landing.-Issued 2004 January 19th

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