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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 19:24:20 EDT
Subject: Superb talk, Eclipse

Hi all,

Well, as I anticipated in my last email, we had an absolute treat this 
evening from Dr Mike McKay of ESA, in his last-minute lecture to the IAA in Belfast. 
He flew over from Germany specially, and was still finalising an animation on 
his laptop while the meeting was getting started! That's how up-to-date it 
was! It was a superb lecture, brilliantly illustrated, & presented with style, 
humour & total authority. Believe it or not, he only got the request (via 
Robert Hill of Armagh Planetarium - thanks Robert, for all the arrangements!) on 
Monday, and he only arrived in Belfast half an hour before the meeting started! 
Thanks again, Mike.

Don't forget the Total Lunar Eclipse on the night of Wed - Thu, 27-28 
October. Mid-eclipse is at 04.04 BST, with totality lasting from 03.23 to 04.44 BST. 
The Umbral phase lasts from 02.14 to 05.53 BST.  Many of you will be happy to 
observe it from your own homes (if clear), but some hardy insomniacs are 
considering a group observing session at a venue to be decided, somewhere within 
reasonable travelling distance of Belfast. If any of you would be interested in 
this, please let me know asap, with suggested / preferred venues! I suggest 
that if you do want to participate, you bring plenty of warm clothes, a folding 
chair or lounger, hot drinks, hot food if possible (e.g a flask of soup), or 
else find a willing host with a warm & well-stocked kitchen!
   This will be the last Total Lunar Eclipse until March 2007, so make the 
most of this one: set two alarm clocks just to be safe!

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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