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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:17:47 EST
Subject: IAA lecture, ASGI

Hi all,

1. The next IAA Public lecture will be by our old friend Kevin Nolan, of The 
Planetary Society. It's entitled  "Mars - A Cosmic Stepping Stone", and  it 
will look at the broad reasons as to why Mars is pivotal in our understanding of 
life in the universe.
   It will be on Wednesday 31 March, at 7.30 p.m., in Lecture Room 5, main 
building, Stranmillis College, Stranmillis Road, Belfast. As usual, admission is 
free, including light refeshments, and all are welcome.

2. The spring ASGI (Astronomical Science Group of Ireland) meeting will be 
held in Armagh next weekend. This is a professional-level meeting, requiring a 
good knowledge of astronomy, with A-level+ physics & preferably maths, but 
serious 'advanced' amateurs from affiliated societies are welcome. The Irish 
Astronomical Association is affiliated, so our members are entitled to attend. 
Please contact Armagh Observatory to let them know if you will be going, so they 
know what numbers to expect: ambnarm.ac.uk

"Astronomy & Astrophysics in Ireland"
   The meeting will be jointly organised by the Astronomical Science Group of 
 Ireland (ASGI) and the Institute of Physics in Ireland (IOPI) and combines 
the 33rd Spring Weekend Meeting of the IOPI and the Spring 2004 Meeting of the 
ASGI. The topic of the conference is "Astronomy and Astrophysics in Ireland" 
and it will take place from (Friday) 2nd April - (Sunday) 4th April. There is a 
public lecture on the evening of Thursday 1April. B. Thursday,  @ 20:00 in 
The Rotunda Lecture Theatre, St  Patrick's Trian, Armagh:   "Mars: New 
Opportunities and Challenges for European Space Science"  by  Michael McKay (European 
Space  Agency, ESTEC, The Netherlands). [Admission free, but by ticket only: 
contact Aileen at Armagh observatory: ambnarm.ac.uk ]

Full information on the meeting, registration deadlines, and the latest 
up-dates on the programme, are available from the IoPI web-site: 
(or link from the ASGI site)

There are 7 main scientific sessions (excluding the public lecture), namely:

Session 1: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics;  
	Chair: Simon Jeffery (Armagh Observatory); csjarm.ac.uk

Session 2: Astrophysical Jets;  
	Chair: Denise Gabuzda (UCC); gabuzdaphysics.ucc.ie

Session 3: High-Energy Astrophysics;  
	Chair: Brian McBreen (UCD); brian.mcbreenucd.ie

Session 4: Poster Session;  
	Chair: Martin Henry (DCU) and Julie Corbett (NIBEP)
               martin.henrydcu.ie  and  julienibep.com

Session 5: Astronomy of the Solar System; 
	Chair: Apostolos Christou (Armagh Observatory); aacarm.ac.uk

Session 6: Optics and Astronomical Instrumentation; 
	Chair: Michael Redfern (NUI Galway);  mike.redfernnuigalway.ie

Session 7: Physics and Astronomy Education and Public Outreach; 
	Chair: Ian Elliott (Dunsink); iedunsink.dias.ie

Each session will likely have a review talk (c.30 minutes) followed by short 
contributed/invited talks (c.15--20 minutes). Speakers for the review talks 
are to be invited directly by the Chairs of each session, but suggested 
contributions for the remaining talks in each session are welcome from members of the 
physics/astronomy communities; these suggestions should be made to the Chair 
of the relevant session.

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

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