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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 17:31:36 EST
Subject: Free Tube; Sun, Lectures, Ast magazines

Hi all,

1. FREE TO GOOD HOME!    Heavy duty Telescope tube: And I mean heavy! Steel 
tube, i.d. = 36.2cm, in 3 sections which bolt together, lengths 80 cm, 80cm & 
78.5 cm, giving a total length of 238.5 cm. Or you could use just two sections, 
giving about 160cm. The end section has a 3-vane spider, and a circular mount 
for a diagonal, but no mirror. Various sections have been cut out of the tube 
to allow access inside it. I'm not sure of the gauge of the steel, but it's 
very rigid. Painted matt black inside. 
   Each section is easily liftable by one person, but the total weight would 
be substantial. Preferably to be collected from my house in Glengormley, or a 
VERY good bottle of wine might persuade me to deliver to Armagh on 17th March 
or 1 April, or to Dublin on March 25. (I can't bring it to Cosmos, 
unfortunately, as my car will be full of books & magazines for a MEGA-SALE - more on that 
in next email!)
   First sensible offer to collect, or accept delivery as above, secures it. 
Must go before end of March!

2. The SUN is now showing some nice activity, with two prominent spot groups. 
Peter Paice has done another excellent image of these, which I'm sure he'll 
forward to you if you're interested aol.com>.

3. Reminder re LECTURES & TOURS:
Armagh Observatory Future Events
   In the period leading up to Easter, the Armagh Observatory is hosting, or 
co-hosting as part of other events, two Public Lectures (both in the Rotunda 
Lecture Theatre, St Patrick's Trian, Armagh) and two Tours of the Armagh 
Observatory and the Armagh Observatory Grounds and Astropark.
   The Public Lectures are as follows:
A. Wednesday, 17 March 2004 (St. Patrick's Day); @ 19:30 in The Rotunda 
Lecture Theatre, St  Patrick's Trian, Armagh:    "Patrick, Comets and Christianity" 
 by  Professor Mike Baillie (Queen's University Belfast).

B. Thursday, 1 April 2004,  @ 20:00 in The Rotunda Lecture Theatre, St  
Patrick's Trian, Armagh:   "Mars: New Opportunities and Challenges for European 
Space Science"  by  Michael McKay (European Space  Agency, ESTEC, The 
   The Tours of the Armagh Observatory and the Armagh Observatory Grounds and
Astropark are on Wednesday 17 March 2004 and Saturday 3 April 2004.
   Please note that advance booking is necessary in order to guarantee a 
place on any of these tours, although all who turn up on the day will be 
accommodated if possible. Tours of the Observatory will last approximately 45 minutes; 
tours of the Observatory Grounds and Astropark will last a similar amount of 
  * Tours on Wednesday 17 March will be provided at: 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 
15:00 and 16:00
  * Tours on Saturday 3 April will be provided at: 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

4.  I have a large number of back issues of Sky & Telescope, & BAA Journal, 
dating from the Mid-Sixties, and 'Astronomy' dating from the Eighties, and 
'Astronomy Now' & 'Astronomy & Space' dating from their first issues. All sets are 
about 99% complete (I can't guarantee 100% absolutely). I have to get rid of 
most of these for lack of space, and will sell them, up to say the year 2000. 
I'm open to serious offers....

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

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