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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 19:16:29 EDT
Subject: IAA BBQ, Lectures in Dublin, NLCs

Hi all,

1. Another reminder about the IAA BBQ at Armagh Observatory on Sat 26 June, 
courtesy of the Director, Prof Mark Bailey.

It starts about 3 p.m., although we won't be eating until a bit later - 
probably around 5.30-ish. 

Admission is free, and you bring your own food, drinks, plates, cutlery, 
mugs/glasses, a chair or rug if you wish. Bring your own BBQ tools (tongs etc) if 
you have them. We provide the cooking facility on at least one very large BBQ, 
plus a shelter if there's adverse weather.

Mark Bailey has once again very kindly offered to do conducted tours of the 
observatory, including some of the restored telescopes and domes. However, the 
East dome is still being refurbished, so access to it may be restricted.

We'll also have a mind-blowingly difficult competition, set by yours truly, 
and an easier one too, with some nice prizes.

2. There are two public lectures next month at the RDS Concert Hall in Dublin 
4, by two of the best-known names in modern physics/cosmology!

(1). On Monday July 19 Prof Kip Thorne will give a lecture entitled "Probing 
the Universe and Black Holes with Gravitational Waves"

(2). On Friday July 23 Prof Sir Roger Penrose will talk on "Fashion, Faith & 
Fantasy in Modern Physical Theories".

Both lectures start at 20.00, and are part of the 17th International Congress 
on General Relativity & Gravitation, being held at the RDS. Visit www.gr17.com

Tickets will be available from the Conference organisers - more details as 
soon as I have them, but meanwhile mark your diaries.

3. This is the time of year to spot Nocti-Lucent Clouds (NLCs), which appear 
low in the N sky around local midnight, long after ordinary clouds cease to be 
illuminated by the Sun. They occur at a height of about 80km, and may be due 
to meteoric dust. They are a lovely silvery white in colour, sometimes with 
bluish tinges - a really lovely sight. See the April-June STARDUST for details.

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

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