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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 13:25:02 EDT
Subject: Venus on 2 SOHO images!

Hi all,

As I predicted a few emails ago, Venus has now appeared on the narrow-field 
Lasco C2 image on SOHO, as well as still being on the Lasco C3 image. But it is 
now fading noticeably on the latter image, as it approaches the Sun, and the 
phase gets close to zero.

I managed a quick view of the Sun this evening - no spots of any noticeable 
size were visible - let's hope we all see the big, though temporary, one 

For anyone bringing a telescope to the IAA Transit Watch at Botanic Gardens, 
Belfast, special permission has been granted TO TELESCOPE BRINGERS ONLY to 
bring your car into the Ulster Museum car park to unload. Enter via the upper 
gate (on Stranmillis Road), then drive round the front of the museum as far as 
you can, unload, then park somewhere sensibly!

I have just done an interview there for GMTV, to be shown in the morning, and 
UTV & BBC are to send crews along tomorrow morning too - so let's have a good 
turn-out of IAA members if nothing else!

Good Luck to all!

Terry Moseley

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