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From: TerryMoselataol.com
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 16:18:45 EST
Subject: IAA Lecture, Cosmos 04

Hi all,

1. A final reminder about the IAA lecture tomorrow (Wed) night, 4 February, 
at 19.30, in Room 5, Stranmillis College, Belfast. Dr Alan Fitzsimmons, Reader 
in the Astrophysics & Planetary Science Divsion, Dept of Physics, QUB, will 
give a lecture entitled "What Happens When An Asteroid Misses?". Admission is 
free, and all are welcome. We will also have a short preliminary talk by Dr 
Damien Christian of APSD, QUB on the first images from the amazing 'SuperWASP'  
astronomical 'camera' which they developed in the APSD at Queen's.
    Alan is just back from an observing session at the European Southern 
Observatory in Chile, and has put some of the pictures from those observations on 
his website, as per the following email:
   "I've put a small number of of pictures from my ESO observing run on the 
web if you're interested...  http://star.pst.qub.ac.uk/~af/piccies/ "

2. Details of the Tullamore Ast Soc's excellent annual Cosmos event are now 
available; it's on 19 - 21 March (Friday evening - Sunday afternoon). It's 
always a good programme, and good craic, with dark skies for observing if it's 
clear. Here's the latest  details, from Sean Morris: 
"Check out www.seanie-m.com/cosmos.htm for the programme and accomodation 

Clear skies to all,

Terry Moseley

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