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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 19:02:42 EDT
Subject: Slides, STARDUST, Sunspots, Solar Day, WSP, UM event

Hi all,

1. Some of you couldn't open the attachment to the last email from Armagh 
Planetarium which I forwarded, so I've copied it here in simple format.
Stars & Galaxies - 30 slides. Stars & Galaxies II - 24 slides. Stars & 
Galaxies III - 24 slides. Stars & Galaxies IV - 24 slides. Stellar Camera - 24 
slides. Hubble in Orbit - 30 slides. Hubble expanding the Universe - 30 slides. 
Through the eyes of Hubble - 30 slides. Solar System - 25 slides. Exploring Space 
- 30 slides. Sun in Action - 20 slides. Venus Unveiled - 30 slides. Galileo 
at Jupiter - 30 slides. Cassini at Jupiter - 30 slides. Phenomena - 20 slides. 
Pathfinder revisiting the red planet - 30 slides. The Moon - Galileo to Apollo 
- 20 slides. The Moon - Apollo to Galileo - 20 slides. Near at Eros - 20 
   The above list of slide sets will be available until November 30th 2004 
unless sold out . Contact Anna @Armagh Planetarium, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 
9DB. Tel: 02837512937 - Fax: 02837526187. Email: annaarmaghplanet.com

2. Next STARDUST is due at the end of September, so if you have anything to 
contribute: articles, letters, observations, photos, drawings, etc, please send 
them to Andy McCrea at mccreaa.freeserve.co.uk> by the middle of 
September at the latest. His preferred font is Times New Roman (well, there's no 
accounting for taste...), size 12, and any images should be sent preferably in 
jpg or tiff (I think?) format.

3. The Sun is still very active, with two prominent groups, both of which are 
on their second rotation. Once again IAA member Peter Paice has taken some 
excellent images, one of which was on the 'Front page' of Spaceweather.com - 
well done again Peter.

4. The next IAA Solar Day will be at Mount Stewart, a lovely National Trust 
House & Garden on the Ards peninsula, on Sat 11 September, from 2 to about 5. 
If the weather is as good as our last one at Carnfunnock on 31 July, you had 
better bring suncream for yourself, as well as a filter for your telescope! More 
details next time.

5. Don't forget the unmissable Whirlpool Star Party at Birr on 17-19 
September. Details at: www.geocities.com/shannonsideac/ 
   BTW, they are now using 'my' comprehensive accommodation list on their 
site (with my permission), but please note that "Spinners" is now closed - at 
least temporarily as it's for sale, and won't be taking any bookings for the 
foreseeable future. But there are lots of others on the list, if you are prepared 
to go out a bit from Birr. Please let me know of any other amendments needed 
to that list.

6. Advance notice: The Ulster Museum, Stranmillis Road, Belfast, will be 
holding a major 2-day event on 9 & 10 October called "A Walk on the Wild Side", at 
which it is hoped that the IAA will have a 'stand', although this has to be 
confirmed. More details later.

BTW, how did you all fare with the Perseids? (I saw about a dozen, through 
intermittent cloud, on the night of max, but didn't get the impression of 
unusually strong activity.)

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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