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This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland. To receive them directly to your email address you should contact Terry at TerryMoselaol.com

Bulletins for 2003

Book, TIME prog, Galileo's daughter, Lidl 'Scopes-Issued 2003 December 17th
Mars Dust storms, lecture, TV, Bargain telescope-Issued 2003 December 16th
Geminids, Lecture, TV Prog-Issued 2003 December 15th
Free Mars Poster, Lecture, Geminids, Venus-Issued 2003 December 10th
Lidl 'scope (2), Comet photos, Mercury-Issued 2003 December 7th
Lidl 'scope Monday, Comet photos, Mercury-Issued 2003 December 7th
TV, Telescope Bargain-Issued 2003 December 6th

ISS Evenings, Venus, Lecture-Issued 2003 November 30th
Ulsternaut on Downtown Radio!-Issued 2003 November 23rd
Comet on a Coathanger!, Another aurora?-Issued 2003 November 22nd
Aurora Reports -Issued 2003 November 20th
IAA Lectures, Leonids, Neil Armstrong, CSP-Issued 2003 November 18th
2 x TV, IAA Lecture, Leonids-Issued 2003 November 15th
Record solar flare, lecture tonight-Issued 2003 November 5th
IAA LECTURE, Lunar Eclipse-Issued 2003 November 4th
Aurora Alert tonight, TV?-Issued 2003 November 3rd
Two TV Programmes and Two Lectures-Issued 2003 November 1st

Aurora again now!, Alert for Friday-Issued 2003 October 30th
Aurora Reports-Issued 2003 October 29th
3rd largest Solar flare, aurora alert, JKB photos-Issued 2003 October 28th
Aurora, Giant Sunspot, TIME, Scope for sale-Issued 2003 October 23rd
Emails, big s'spot, Lecture, aurora?-Issued 2003 October 20th
iSCAN Update, IAA talk-Issued 2003 October 16th
Lectures: Impact Craters, Ulsternaut, Orionids-Issued 2003 October 13th
SillyMe, Sun, Mon (2), Tue, Wed-Issued 2003 October 4th
AA meet, Fireball, Mercury Occ, WSP in S&T-Issued 2003 October 3rd

Great WSP, Big sunspot, ISS, Stardust-Issued 2003 September 30th
Great lecture, WSP-Issued 2003 September 25th
IAA Meeting; "Time, Gentlepersons, Please"-Issued 2003 September 21st
2 More Clear nights, lectures, ASG-Issued 2003 September 14th
WWT, RIA lectures, WSP, etc-Issued 2003 September 12th
Article on Eamon Ansbro, The Argory, Events-Issued 2003 September 11th
Mars Events, McCrea Lectures-Issued 2003 September 10th
BBC Mars Photo Comp, email addresses-Issued 2003 September 9th
TWO Fireballs, McCrea lecture-Issued 2003 September 8th
Great Mars night, Stardust, WSP-Issued 2003 September 7th
TV, Mars event, Neil Armstrong-Issued 2003 September 4th
TV, Mars Event, Pluto-Issued 2003 September 3rd
Possible Nova in Scutum, Pluto-Issued 2003 September 1st

McCrea Lectures, Dublin & Belfast, IAA-Mars, Fireball-Issued 2003 August 29th
Armagh Planetarium, Fri night, Coronado-Issued 2003 August 28th
Talk on Mars, in Cork; SIRTF; ANSP-Issued 2003 August 25th
Five Coming Astronomy Events-Issued 2003 August 23rd
Armageddon, Planetarium exhibition-Issued 2003 August 20th
Aurora alert, Lecture in Armagh-Issued 2003 August 18th
Enhanced Perseids?, Lecture in Armagh-Issued 2003 August 11th
Perseids BBQ Tonight-Issued 2003 August 10th
All Night Star Party, BBQ, TV.-Issued 2003 August 9th
BBQ & TV Progs-Issued 2003 August 9th
Three TV Progs, Perseids-Issued 2003 August 3rd
Back on-line, Sky at Night-Issued 2003 August 1st

Imaging Workshop, Apologies, Radio-Issued 2003 July 29th
Lecture Tickets, Aurora, Fireball, Perseids-Issued 2003 July 29th
Major events-Issued 2003 July 23rd
Deep Impact, Brilliant Solar-Day-Issued 2003 July 19th
SOLAR DAY, STARDUST-Issued 2003 July 17th
Connaught Star Party, January-Issued 2003 July 12th
Dusty Mars, Sky at Night, IAA Solar Day-Issued 2003 July 6th
Sunspot, near-astronaut, Mars, STARDUST -Issued 2003 July 3rd

NLCs & big Sunspot group -Issued 2003 June 29th
ESO help, TV, Mars, NLCs, Big Sunspot -Issued 2003 June 28th
Bright Flash -Issued 2003 June 20th
Solstice BBQ, Glasgow Science Centre, NLCs -Issued 2003 June 17th
SUN - DAY at Castle Espie -Issued 2003 June 10th
Aliens - Where are they? Aurora? -Issued 2003 June 8th
Rho Cas, Delta Sco, SaN, Solar day, BBQ -Issued 2003 June 6th
John o' Groans eclipse + next, + EAAS event -Issued 2003 June 4th

Discourse, Eclipse, Rho Cas -Issued 2003 May 26th
Kingsland Obs; Annular Eclipse -Issued 2003 May 22nd
Eclipse, TV, Events -Issued 2003 May 13th
Thanks, TVprog 2nite, Eclipse -Issued 2003 May 11th
Mercury mastered! -Issued 2003 May 7th

Lecture, AGM & Mercury Transit -Issued 2003 April 27th
Lecture tomorrow -Issued 2003 April 15th
2 Bril nights, Sky at Night, Aurora -Issued 2003 April 6th
Public Observing, Fri & Sat -Issued 2003 April 3rd
TV, Lecture, IAA events, Sun -Issued 2003 April 1st

Aliens on Downtown Radio -Issued 2003 March 22nd
Cosmos 03, Quantum Music, Shuttle -Issued 2003 March 20th
Columbia Disaster Documentary -Issued 2003 March 18th
N.E. Sunspot, Lecture, Comet, Columbia -Issued 2003 March 18th
Columbia Disaster Documentary -Issued 2003 March 13th
Columbia TV Prog, Sun, Comet, Stardust -Issued 2003 March 10th
PM80, RCrB fade, Scope 4 sale, Lecture -Issued 2003 March 3rd
TV, Lecture, COSMOS 03 -Issued 2003 March 1st

Lecture, NEAT on SOHo -Issued 2003 February 18th
NEAT in a.m., Aurora, Lecture -Issued 2003 February 15th
Bye bye NEAT, 2 lectures -Issued 2003 February 14th
Mystery object nr ISS, radio, NEAT etc -Issued 2003 February 10th
Object near ISS after Shuttle re-entry -Issued 2003 February 10th
Last days of NEAT, MutJupSat -Issued 2003 February 9th
Lecture and Comet -Issued 2003 February 4th

Six Items -Issued 2003 January 30th
Two comets, one in SOHO -Issued 2003 January 27th
Comet K-F on Soho? + radio on WWW -Issued 2003 January 25th
Radio Interview, Quadrantids. -Issued 2003 January 25th
Mt Stromolo Obs Destroyed, Lecture, TV -Issued 2003 January 19th
Thanks to all! -Issued 2003 January 16th
Invitation -Issued 2003 January 10th
Demonstrated Lecture -Issued 2003 January 7th
Comet, Meteors, TV, Lecture, ISS -Issued 2003 January 5th
Comets, Quadrantids, JMSE, Party -Issued 2003 January 1st

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