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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:45:44 EST
Subject: 3rd largest Solar flare, aurora alert, JKB photos

Hi all,

The Sun continues to surprise & amaze! Not only have we just been treated to 
two very large spot groups - some of the largest I've seen - on either side of 
the Sun, but a new very active group has suddenly appeared near the centre of 
the disc! It is designated AR (Active Region) 488. It has a very unusual oval 
ring shape, and has just ejected the third largest solar flare ever recorded! 

And it's heading our way! So there's a high aurora alert for tonight and 
tomorrow night, with the possibility that latitudes as low as ours could be 

It's lucky for International Space Station Expedition 7 crewmembers Yuri 
Malenchenko and Ed Lu, plus European researcher Pedro Duque, who returned to Earth 
on Monday night aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule!

IAA member Peter Paice from Belfast has taken another excellent photo of the 
spot groups, with a 'before and after' which I'm going to forward to you all 
separately, in case the size of the file slows this up too much.

If anyone has any good photos of J Kelly Beatty giving his excellent opening 
lecture to the IAA in Belfast in September, Andy McCrea would be very 
grrateful for copies. You can email them to him at andrewmccreaa.freeserve.co.uk, 
or post to 4 Ailsa Park, Bangor, Co Down, BT19 1EA.

Thanks, & Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

Hi all,

Hope you get these great photos by Peter Paice OK.


From: PAPAICEaol.com
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 05:55:19 EST
Subject: Sudden arrival of new sunspot group - Peter Paice

Hi Terry,  Yesterday was poor solar imaging, however there seemed to be a new 
group in the centre of the disk. SOHO (MDI) has taken 24 hrs to number it 
Very high activity associated with it (see Soho image below). Have put disk 
for 26th. and 27th. below for comparison. Peter.


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