Bill Napier's Nemesis

Mrs Nancy Napier, Dr. Bill Napier, Mr Tony Canavan, Prof. Mark Bailey

The CIA has uncovered a plot, codenamed NEMESIS, to steer a large asteroid onto a collision course with the United States. A team of astronomers has been selected to find NEMESIS and then stop it. Secrets about the asteroid lie in a 400-year old Latin manuscript which has mysteriously vanished! These are the makings of a best-selling novel by Dr Bill Napier of the Armagh Observatory.

The book, entitled NEMESIS and Dr Napier's first novel, was officially launched at the Armagh Observatory on Thursday, 12th November, 1998. The large group who gathered at the reception had an opportunity to meet the author and obtain a signed copy of the book.

Described as an international disaster thriller, the book has a scientific basis relating to the author's own astronomical research. It deals, in a fictional way, with the asteroid impact threat which is intensively studied at Armagh, and is published by Hodder-Headline Press, 338 Euston Road, London, NW1 3BH at £9.99 (soft cover) and £12.99 (HB).

"The most exciting book I have ever read" writes the doyen of sci-fi, Arthur C. Clarke.

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