Robinson Public Lecture 22nd November 2012
“To Mars, Titan and the Universe Beyond! Europe’s Arrival on the Space Frontier”

The Eleventh biennial Robinson Lecture was given on the evening of Thursday 22nd November 2012 by Professor David Southwood, Imperial College London. Professor Southwood has recently retired from the position of Director of Science and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency (ESA) and is now President of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Professor Southwood started working at ESA in 1997 as Head of the Earth Observation strategy where he introduced the Living Planet programme. In 1999 he was appointed Regents Professor at the University of California Los Angeles, later moving to Imperial College London. In 2001 Professor Southwood returned to ESA as Head of the Science Programme and in 2008 was appointed Director of Science and Robotic Exploration. On his retirement from ESA he returned to scientific research at Imperial College London. He has chaired a number of committees on space science in Europe, including the ESA Space Science Advisory Committee and the ESA Science Programme Committee and currently serves on advisory/supervisory boards as varied as the Institute of Space Policy and Law, the National Space Centre, the UK Space Agency, the National Centre for Earth Observation and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

David Southwood has published over 200 scientific papers and other articles. He headed the team that built the magnetometer onboard the NASA/ESA Cassini-Saturn orbiter currently orbiting the gas giant planet, Saturn.

Indroduction by Prof. Mark Bailey, Director Armagh Observatory

Presentation of Robinson Medal to Dr David Southwood by Archbishop Alan Harper, Chairman Board of Governors Armagh Observatory

Lecture: “To Mars, Titan and the Universe Beyond! Europe’s Arrival on the Space Frontier” by Dr David Southwood

Question and Answer Session

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