Leonid dust trail positions in 1999

In 1966, the Earth passed right through the trail generated in 1899 (then 2 revolutions old), causing the most spectacular meteor display of the century. In 1999, the Earth again passes near the 1899 trail (now 3 revolutions old), but further from the trail's centre than in 1966. So a good display is expected (estimated peak Zenithal Hourly Rate 1000), but certainly not as remarkable as in 1966. The encounter with the 3-revolution trail in 1999 is centred at about Nov 18, 02:10 UT, so that the best places to see meteors from this trail are Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The moon has set for observers in most of these regions at that time. But although 1999 should be reasonable, a better display is expected (not at the same longitudes) in 2001.

A fuller explanation of these trail cross section plots is available.

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Last Revised: 2009 November 10th