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News and Web Site Updates 2016

☆ Armagh astronomers welcome UK involvement in new super telescope2016 May 23rd
☆ Amazing transit of Mercury2016 May 12th
☆ Coldest April for 27 years, slightly drier and duller than average2016 May 11th
☆ Minutes of the Ninety Sixth Meeting of the Management Committee held on 12th November 2015 at the Observatory2016 May 11th
☆ Minutes of the Ninety Fifth Meeting of the Management Committee held on 4th June 2015 at the Planetarium2016 May 11th
☆ Minutes of the Annual Visitation of the Board of Governors held on 19th March 2015 at the Observatory2016 May 11th
☆ Transit of Mercury 9th May 20162016 May 3rd
☆ Pleasant March: slightly drier, milder and sunnier than average2016 April 7th
☆ Cool, damp February with average sunshine; wettest winter for 139 years 2016 March 16th
☆ Discovering the stars at Armagh: Free St Patrick’s day events hosted by Armagh Observatory 2016 March 15th
☆ Armagh City Promo Film Launched at Armagh Planetarium 2016 February 12th
☆ Observatory student’s prize-winning images selected for Dublin exhibition 2016 February 10th
☆ Astronomers anticipate major announcement from Gravitational Wave Observatory 2016 February 10th
☆ Mild, wet January, slightly duller than average 2016 February 5th
☆ Exceptionally Mild 24th January 2016 2016 January 25th
☆ Time-dependent atomic diffusion in magnetic ApBp stars 2016 January 18th
☆ ADAHELI+: exploring the fast, dynamic Sun in the x-ray, optical, and near-infrared 2016 January 18th
☆ Magnetic flux supplement to coronal bright points 2016 January 15th
☆ Broadband linear polarization of Jupiter Trojans 2016 January 15th
☆ Centaurs as a hazard to civilisation 2016 January 15th
☆ Wettest December on record at Armagh, warmest December since 1988 and coolest year since 2010 2016 January 14th
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