A selection of images from the sequence

Scott Manley

A close up of the asteroid as it flies by at 1 kilometre per second.
Earth from the asteroid's point of view - 3000 km up
A view from about 25 km behind the asteroid showing the terminator of the earth
The asteroid sillouetted against Africa (note that the camera is upside down)
The asteroid agains the night side of the Earth over the Indian Ocean
The asteroid from the light side
Last sunset for the asteroid as we follow it down (24 seconds before impact)
The trail starts to form high in the atmosphere - viewed from Earth orbit ~250km away
And gets brighter than the sun as it hits thicker atmosphere - daybreak once more over the Indian Ocean
High resolution image from the dark side of the asteroid showing the lens flare from the sun
Big version of the Last Sunset

Last Revised: 2009 November 10th