Observatory Medal by Mossop

Mossop Medal Mossop Medal

This medal was struck by the famous Dublin medallist, William Mossop, to commemorate the foundation of the building of the Observatory in 1789.

"PRIMATE ROBINSON, LORD ROKEBY.- The Primate's portrait, with full wig and canonicals, to right. Inscription-RICH ROBINSON BARON ROKEBY LORD PRIMATE OF ALL IRELAND. On the arm, MOSSOP. Reverse.- A front elevation of the Armagh Observatory marked MOSSOP, and in exergue, MDCCLXXXIX. The motto is, THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD. Size, 2·2. Made in bronze and silver, and occasionally met in white metal. Mr. J. Woodhouse has the dies. An engraving of it was published in "Anthologia Hibernica," for 1793; and I have an impression of the obverse struck as a proof in thin card-board. The medal commemorates the erection of the Armagh Observatory, which was built at his lordship's expense."

Description from "The Medallists Of Ireland And Their Work" by William Frazer, F.R.C.S.I., Journal Of The Royal Historical And Archæological Association Of Ireland.

Last Revised: 2010 January 4th