M.J. Stift, G. Alecian and E.A. Dorfi

Self-Consistent, Time-Dependent Diffusion Calculations for Iron-Peak Elements

Fig. 1. Time-dependent stratification profiles – logarithm of the abundance relative to hydrogen (log Ab(H) = 12.0) vs. optical depth – of Cr in a Kurucz Atlas12 atmosphere with Teff = 12000 K and log g = 4.0. Zero field case; the ages are given in years.


We present time-dependent, self-consistent diffusion calculations for Cr, Mn and Fe in a Teff = 12000K and log g = 4.0 stellar atmosphere. The temporal evolution of the chemical stratifications is followed for the zero field case and for magnetic fields of varying strength and direction relative to the stellar surface. Preliminary conclusions are preceded by a comparison of the present results to equilibrium solutions.

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Last Revised: 2013 October 15th