SDSS J0926+3624: The shortest period eclipsing binary star

C.M. Copperwheat, T.R. Marsh, S.P. Littlefair, V.S. Dhillon, G. Ramsay, A.J. Drake, B.T. Gänsicke, P.J. Groot, P. Hakala, G. Nelemans, G. Roelofs, J. Southworth, D. Steeghs and S. Tulloch

Figure 3. Phase folded and binned light curves, showing the superhump variation from night-to-night. In the top row we plot the first three nights of data collected in 2006. In the bottom row we plot the three nights of data taken in 2009. We plot separately the data in the u′ -(top, blue), g′ - (middle, green) and r′ -bands (bottom, red).

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Last Revised: 2010 August 12th