Solar and Stellar Activity: Similarities and Differences

A meeting dedicated to Brendan Byrne
Armagh 2-4th September 1998

Second Announcement

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The venue of the meeting has now changed to the St. Patricks's Trian which is located in three 18th and 19th century buildings in downtown Armagh, and is only 5 mins. walk from the Observatory (see Map of Armagh). St. Patrick's Trian, named for the city's historic division into three districts contains The Armagh Story, with its illustrated wall panels, audiovisual displays, sound effects and narrative explanations, explores the evolution of belief, focusing on ancient times, Patrick's arrival in Armagh, the Viking invasions of Ireland and contemporary society.

The meeting starts at 9:00 on Wednesday 2 September, however on Tuesday 1 September we will have an early registration desk at the Observatory, plus a welcoming reception consisting of drinks and nibbles. The proceedings of the meeting, reviews and poster papers will be published in the PASP Conference Series. Details on the format will be circulated in the next announcement.

On the social front, we have arranged on Friday evening a visit to the Navan Centre which is two miles west of the city and is situated close to the great mound of Navan Fort, stronghold of the kings of Ulster from 700 BC. Navan Fort occupies a key place in the legends of the Heroic Age, notably in tales about Cuchulain. In addition to detailing the mythology of Ulster and the techniques used by archaeologists to uncover the fort, the Navan Centre explores Celtic culture, rituals and beliefs of pre-Christian Ireland.

On Wednesday evening we have a traditional music session and ceilidh, while on Thursday evening we have our conference dinner. On Saturday there are two optional full-day tours; which will take place will depend on the number of people interested.

There are links to tourist information on Ireland in general and Armagh in particular (including the local pubs) on our Tourism Page.

8th Monaghan Rhythm & Blues Festival

During the period 3 - 6 September the nearby town of Monaghan (20 km from Armagh) will host the 8th Monaghan Rhythm & Blues Festival.

For lovers of Blues music this is a must; artists appearing include;
Van Morrison
Long John Hunter & The Walking Catfish (Texas)
Deacon Jones (Indiana)
Jonny Dyer (Mississippi)
The Animals (UK)
Johnny Thompson (Philadelphia)
Paul Orta & the Kingpins (Texas)
The Goosehorns (UK)
LA Jones & the Blue Messengers (L.A.)
The Nimmo Bros (Scot)
Elliott & the Untouchables (South Carolina)
Blues Experience (Ire)
The Winchesters (England)
Cajun Bearcata (England)
Parchman Farm
Cool Running
Tan White's Shoestring
The Ben Prevo Band
Happy Seals
Midnight Run
Jon Player Blues Band

Some of the big names artists will require tickets, however each night there are about 10 different pub sessions which are excellent and free.

For further information see the Harvest Blues Web Site or phone 353 47 82929 or 353 47 81122.

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