Science and Chronology

This conference marks Archbishop Ussher's dating of the creation to 4004BC. The 6,000th anniversary year of the creation will start on October 22, 1996, according to Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh in the C17th. The conference will look at scientific and historical chronologies and consider how they have developed since Ussher's time.

Friday 25th October

6.00 pm Registration and Coffee
7.00 Rev. R. Buick Knox on Ussher
7.45 Dr Dan McCarthy - TCD - "James Ussher, the Chronologist"
8.30 Buffet and visit to see Ussher's writings in the Robinson Library

Saturday 26th October

From the stars to the earth

9.30 am Professor Mark Bailey - Armagh Observatory - An Astronomical Perspective
10.20 Professor Tom Mason - Armagh Planetarium - A Geological Perspective
11.05 Coffee
11.15 Dr Bill Napier - Armagh Observatory - Comets and Chronology
12.30 Panel Discussion
1.00 Lunch

Reading trees, pots and books

2.30 Professor Mike Baillie - QUB - Evidence from Archaeology
3.20 Dr Gerry McCormick
4.10 Coffee
4.30 Richard Warner - Ulster Museum - Chronologies in the historical record
5.15-6.00 Discussion
7.00 Dinner
8.30 Visit to Planetarium

Sunday 27th October

Science, Philosophy and Religion

10.00 The relationship between Science and Religion
11.00 Professor Bowler - QUB - "The impact of chronology from Ussher to the present"
12.00 Discussion
1.00 Conference ends

Conference costs, booking and accommodation

The conference fee of 25 (payable to The Queen's University of Belfast) is for attendance alone. Arrangements for dining in Armagh will be notified at the conference itself. Accommodation for those who wish to stay in Armagh can be made through the Armagh Tourist Information Centre on (08)01861 521800.

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