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Research Group

Simon Jeffery leads a research group which, during 2004, included PhD students Amir Ahmad, Christopher Winter, Natalie Behara and Timur Sahin, and an undergraduate placement student David Morgan (University of Surrey). In February, he took up a visiting fellowship for six weeks study at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. Amir Ahmad completed his PhD in July and subsequently took up a position as PPARC-funded PDRA with the group. Dr Gajendra Pandey (Indian Institute for Astrophysics, Bangalore) was a PPARC-funded visiting fellow. Anne O'Leary and Ciara Quinn (both from Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry) spent time with the group in July and August as Nuffield Foundation sponsored summer students, and Louise Jeffery (Royal School Armagh) joined the group for work experience in September.