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Armagh Observatory New TSN Action Table 2002

Business Area: Astronomy and Related Sciences
Social Need to be Tackled: Access to scientific knowledge amongst socially disadvantaged groups
Desired Outcome: Increased access to scientific knowledge, thereby promoting lifelong learning opportunities amongst socially disadvantaged groups

New TSN Objectives: Targets or Actions and Time-Scales:
Objective 1

Improve opportunities among disadvantaged sections of the community to experience scientific research in a high-technology environment, by: (a) facilitating an inclusive work experience programme aimed at improving the self-image and quality of life for an individual with disabilities (Year 1);

(b) recording relevant information on participation on student programme placements with reference to New TSN (Year 1); and

(c) taking measures to enhance applications for student programmes and placements from disadvantaged groups and areas (Year 2).

Objective 2

Reduce inequalities in knowledge of and access to science, by: (a) analysing media coverage to assess whether news of Northern Ireland science is reaching as many people as possible (Year 1); and

(b) disseminating research outputs in accessible forms to as wide an audience as possible (Year 1)

Objective 3

Improve access to the Northern Ireland scientific and cultural heritage, by: (a) developing the web-site and promoting e-access to astronomical and meteorological information (Year 1); and

(b) encouraging visits by people from socially disadvantaged areas or scientifically disadvantaged backgrounds (Year 1)

Armagh Observatory
April 2002

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